Working Board Lunch: Embrace the Future – Transition Planning @ Channel 17 Studios
May 4 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Embrace the Future: Transition Planning for Non-profit Organization Boards and Executive Directors

Today, with the overwhelming numbers of nonprofit professionals planning retirement, career moves, or sector changes, nonprofits must anticipate and plan for change. Leadership transitions are pivotal moments in organizational life. They hold opportunities for transformative change, but also for organizational missteps. Whether your executive director plans to leave in a few years or if a departure date is undefined, transition planning gets your organization prepared for the departure of an executive or other valued staff. 
This workshop will help participants consider the options available to create and sustain a culture of leadership succession.

Katherine Sims, Katherine Sims Consulting

Katherine Sims specializes in working with nonprofit organizations to solve problems and build systems to do good work. A dynamic non-profit leader with over ten years of experience as a practitioner and consultant, Katherine has worked with leaders in business, government and nonprofits to develop their organizations. Katherine is experienced in managing and growing organizations, developing teams, fundraising and managing complex finances, evaluating and improving programs, and engaging donors, stakeholders, political leaders, and the public.